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Shot In The Head - Why Cops Lives Matter? - Episode 39

August 27, 2020

Learie Johnston, a Jamaican American police officer, almost lost his life when he was shot in the head chasing down a criminal, he should not be alive. Matthew S Frank. also almost lost his life inside of his own police precinct, when an interrogation with a murder suspect went the wrong way. Matthew S Frank, Learie Johnston, and Paul Puccini, are all now retired police officers, Detectives, from the Mt. Vernon, New York Police Department. 2 of the 3 were severely injured on the job. Bek Lover, discusses their lives, and the ongoing division between citizens and law enforcement. In the wake of the George Floyd Shooting and now, the Jacob Blake shooting, Black Lives Matter, Protests, and riots, we try to understand where the big divide us.


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