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Bek Lover & The Come Back Team - Episode 18 - Life After the Mob. Ex Bonanno Gangster - Gene Borello

March 23, 2020

Bek Lover has a conversation with Gene Borello. Fresh out of jail this ex-mobster is speaking publicly against the life he used to live. In a NY Post article, stated:" The leader of a violent home-invasion crew that terrorized Queens residents for years is headed back to the streets after receiving an early Christmas present last week — a time-served prison sentence of five years. That was the reward Gene Borrello got for helping the feds snag more than 20 Bonanno family cohorts in a series of arsons, murder plots, extortion and home-invasion robberies in his own neighborhood. The release of Borrello has outraged residents of Howard Beach — a neighborhood that boasts more than a few wiseguy residents and usually has a high tolerance for mob antics. "


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