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The Most Infamous Cop- Michael Dowd - Episode 48

October 27, 2020

Michael Dowd or Mike Dowd, is the most infamous police officer in New York City history, he was arrested for corruption and criminal activity on the New York City Police Department. He was the main subject of the award winning, "The Seven Five" Documentary. He has been on several big podcasts and talk shows, like, Joe Rogan Experience, Joey Diaz, and the Johnny and Gene Show. The Seven Five Documentary, was a game changer for the Documentary world.

Meet the craziest and one of the most corrupt cops in New York City history. In the 1980s, Michael Dowd patrolled the mean streets of one of the toughest precincts in Brooklyn. He also headed a ruthless criminal network that stole money and drugs, ultimately resulting in the city’s biggest ever corruption scandal. In this explosive true crime saga, Dowd tells all as he relives his days as a mobster with a badge.


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