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Bek Lover & The Comeback Team - Episode 12 - King Of Guns - Anthony Colandro (1 Hour Re·Release Edit)

April 27, 2020

The King of Guns, Anthony Colandro, board member of the NJ NRA, and owner of the largest gun range in NJ, speaks about everything you hate to talk about at the office. Anthony is a large gun advocate, and sits on the NRA board for the State of New Jersey. For the full episode, please subscribe and check the folder that is titled full episodes. Anthony owns a range called, Gun For Hire.

Bek Lover & The Come Back Team does not necessarily endorse everything that is spoken in this conversation. Bek Lover, only states opinions and discusses them. Bek Lover does not consider himself a Republican or a Democrat. Bek Lover & The Come Back Team, will also give the other side of a debate a chance to speak also.

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