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Bek Lover & The Come Back Team - Episode 16 - John Alite - Enforcer and Killer for The Gambino Crime Family

March 9, 2020

Bek Lover, sits down with,John Edward Alite, also known as Johnny Alletto, an Albanian American mobster, former Gambino crime family associate, and a violent criminal in his past. On this Episode 16 of, " Bek Lover & The Comeback Team." We dive into John Alite's past life. He currently is involved in stopping future generations from joining gangs and criminal enterprises. Alite has publicly denounced the life of organized crime and became a motivational speaker and a writer. He also started a sports betting advisory company and has published many books. Check out his website.

If you enjoy content from Joe Rogan, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Steve Harvey, Eric Thomas, Joel Osteen, Daymond John, Joey Diaz, Mike Tyson, Valuetainment, Jordan Belfort, Les Brown, Bishop TD Jakes, and other amazing talkshow and Podcasts, then you will love Bek Lover & The Come Back Team. A show that has inspiration and motivation embedded in it’s core, but has a whole lot of humor and emotion flowing from it. Bek Lover, has recruited a team of other co-hosts who appear regularly to help him interview absolutely extraordinary people that tell their stories. Arthur Nascarella, the actor from, “The Sopranos” and the show “Billions“, is just one of many co-hosts who regularly appears on, Bek Lover & The Come Back Team.

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